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Solar panels

Build With Elite Confidence

Build With Elite Confidence 

Sustainable Energy

Why Us ?

First and foremost, our priority is you.

Elite Solar is committed to giving homeowners a clear picture of the policy, incentives, and investment returns on home solar panel installations. We also recognize the best states for solar panels & equipment and clearly illustrate how all state legislatures can encourage residential solar energy growth based on the best practices in the most successful states. We model the best because we are the best; connecting you to solar panels and technology installers in your area to make your dream of renewable energy a reality ...

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How it Works


We will develop the most compelling solution that will motivate customers to adopt solar power...



Though photo-voltaic technology is not new (60+ year history), we appreciate that it's new to homeowners looking at it for the first time...


options and designs

We offer top tier products from the highest quality brands, and provide access to quality design and engineering teams...


start saving

Going Solar is not only owning your own power but also helping save for your kids college, saving for retirement ... 

Our Brands

We work with some of the leading manufacturers of solar panels and equipment to provide you with reliable, consistent solar energy production. Here are some of the solar panel brands we use for new technology with astonishing quality and long term production.

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