How it Works



It starts with a Click, brief info and the rest is on us to provide you with a professional consultation to answer all your questions and concerns.

We believe we can develop the most compelling solution that will motivate customers to adopt solar power if we start with understanding our customers' needs and priorities. We answer and ask lots of questions because we want to know what you hope to get from a solar project so we can choose options in the Design phase to better meet your needs. 



After answering all your questions and walking through all the benefits of our special program, we schedule a meeting to simplify the process of the needed steps for qualification.

Though photo-voltaic technology is not new (60+ year history), we appreciate that it's new to homeowners looking at it for the first time. As with nearly any technology, there are important differences in PV products -- one size does not fit all -- and it's important that prospective PV buyers understand these differences and appreciate the trade-offs associated with different options. By knowing more and knowing what's possible and what's more challenging, prospective solar buyers can set priorities for their goals and objectives, which helps come closer to make the right decision.


Options and Designs

Once all the design, engineering, and financial questions have been answered and the contracts and signed and deposits funded, Solar Century shifts into high gear working with the relevant municipalities, completing all engineering, and planning all construction activity, from permit filing to materials sourcing to contractor scheduling. It's our responsibility to get this all done, not our customers, and we have years of expertise to ensure it all gets done in a timely fashion.


Start Saving

With every homeowner choosing to go solar, it's equivalent to planting 100 full grown trees every year, securing a better future for ourselves and for our children. It takes more than one to complete this mission.

Owning your electricity is a smart long term investment to save money for your kids college or even going on your dream vacation.

With the 30% Tax credit, you can now start your program including much more benefite with Elite.